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segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2007

100 list startup

One of the goals of this blog is to show how I implement some techniques. It will help me to improve and find errors I don't see at first sight. Naturally I created mindmaps about the development of this blog but now I have some tasks to do prior the implementation of them.

I found the 100 list technique here:

and will participate in this intersting project:

100 subjects for List group writing projects
1 chess - best books by subject
2 chess - how to build a library
3 chess - how to improve myself
4 books - the best books I read
5 books - why they are remarkable
6 techniques - which are the best
7 techniques - tools
8 techniques - GTD
9 techniques - improving GTD
10 techniques - how to remember things
11 techniques - how to become rich
12 techniques - how to get organized
13 techniques - how to organize at the right level
14 movies - how to get the maximum from a movie
15 language - tips to improve learning a foreign language
16 language - reasons to learn a foreign language
17 language - improving your thoughts through language
18 brain - how to improve your brain's performance
19 health - reasons to exercise when you don't like it
20 chess - reasons to play chess
21 moleskine - reasons to start one
22 writing - habits
23 writing - fun of caligraphy
24 net - ideas to use the internet as a tool
25 photos - why start a photolog
26 better me 2.3
27 how to be an efficective generalist
28 reasons to be a specialist
29 the path of the middle
30 how to search for aliens
31 how to see the world through the eyes of a child
32 lessons learned when making lists
33 reasons to read works of literature
34 outstanding books on performance
35 reasons to use paper instead of eletronic media
36 reasons to study calligraphy
37 reasons to make book summaries
38 reasons to praise your friends
39 reasons to meditate
40 reasons to write poetry
41 reasons to read a new book each week
42 reasons to nurture a personal network
43 reasons to create and maintain a blog
44 reasons to learn to draw
45 reasons to buy things
46 reasons to declutter
47 reasons to clutter up
48 ways to predict the future
49 ways to create a risk list
50 ways to explain things
51 ways to create a good mindmap
52 ways to make a plan
53 ways to differentiate plans from projects
54 best hacks
55 ways to approach someone you don't know
56 ways to keep a good sense of humour
57 reasons to keep good humour
58 how to go from reasons to do something to ways to do something
59 reasons to learn perspective
60 reasons to have a logo
61 reasons to start a journal
62 techniques to do your weekly review
63 ways to better use the technology you have
64 redemption: lessons from the steppenwolf
65 best low-costwines
66 funny things that I saw in Buenos Aires
67 best qualities in the best people I know
68 the best things I have ever done
69 the best things I did this year
70 how to turn around a bad situation
71 ways to use your imagination creatively
72 imagination x creativity x methodology
73 how to create your own brand
74 ow to please others without losing yourself
75 changing habits
76 the power of habit
77 how to use a mandala diary
78 how to use a dreams diary
79 using psychology for your own benefity
80 using happiness for your own benefit
81 how to develop patience
82 how to balance agility and calm
83 how to read a book
84 how to allocate your time
85 turn something mediocre into something outstanding
86 how to cook unusual dishes
87 how to plan your retirement
88 how to write a book
89 reasons to enjoy Mondays
90 reasons to have more free time
91 reasons to have discipline
92 ways to cultivate discipline
93 ways to get more from your drawings
94 ways to feel the correct timing
95 strategy of intuition
96 using your senses
97 ways to create positive imbalances
98 using the imbalances technique in your daily life
99 ways to avoid boredom
100 how to use your notebook

3. Next steps: analyze and prioritize. For now I like the technique.


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