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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

I'm back - posting soon

I was given a task - to prepare a presentation about chess. I want to use this opportunity to use the techniques I've learned from the Atkinson's book Beyond the Bullet Points. I will show the partial products and the time spent in each of them. I hope this will be an enjoyable exercise.


As you probably know the first step in BBP (Beyond the bullet points) is to set up main points of your story:

1. setting
Chess is full of myths and legends

2. protagonist
Someone who can separate truth from myth can have an advantage in life

3. imbalance
Chess is a game for old people with time to spare

4. balance
What is the truth behind that affirmation?

5. solution
How can I and my family take advantage of Chess?

- time spent on this phase: (30 min)
- time accumulated on the exercise: (30 min)



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