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terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008

Topics du Jour Experiment #3

Homo sum: humani nil at me alienum puto (Terentio 190-160BC)

Writing can be seen as an experience where we share ideas, feelings and opinions with others. Being human means that your ideas probably can be understood (discussed or even antagonized) by other members of the mankind (including yourself). too complicated - have to re-write this

Plus 10 minutes.

The more authentic you are more easy the sharing. But authenticity and, in last instance truth, can have multiple faces. You can write as one aspects of your truth, one successful example of this is the Portugese poet Fernando Pessoa. still complicated

Plus 10 minutes.

It is an old saying that you can't bath in the same river... Likewise you are not in the same mood or in the same conditions everyday and this can influence your writing.

Plus 5 minutes.

new tart

Writinig a multidimensional task that starts with you sending a message and evolve to a sharing of ideas, feelings and opinions. According to our nature, all of us have subjects that we're fond of and which we would like to improve our understanding.

plus 10 minutes

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