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sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Intermezzo: Dark room

There is nothing more old-fashioned than text editors.
It seems, nowaday, that we are all stuck with Microsoft Word which, in my opinion, is a shame. I'm in conflict with Word, and still prefer WordPerfect.

As a tradionalist, I miss the plain Terminal sessions, reminders of a time when things were simpler.

This is why I was pleasantly surprised with They Misled Us' Dark Room, the distraction-free text editor.

You can read about and try it by following these links::

Dark Room
Text Editor Dark Room
Text Editor White Room

Hope you like it.


Um comentário:

Luciano Passuello disse...

I use Q10. I'm not sure how it differs from Dark Room, but it's also a great distraction-free editor.