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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Seinfeld Chain and GTD

1. Get started
Seinfeld chain is a simple technique that helps me to keep a continuous practice.

1.1 Basics
First step is to understand the technique. The best explanation I've found about it is here:

1.2 What is needed
A simple tool for keeping track of the chains.
There are some on-line alternatives here:
I found them a bit raw and use a spreadsheet instead.

2. Learning
It is not really too much to learn about Seinfeld chain. The difficult part is know what you want to be part of your daily practice. You will need to list your activities, its frequency and the timeframe it will be performed.


Read technical books - 10 min per day - at least 5 days a week
Play/study chess - 30 min per day - at least 6 days a week
English study - 15 min per day or 2 complete exercises - at least 5 days a week

3. Practice
First step is create your core-list-of-tasks.
I got mine using the following steps:
(a) I listed everything I would like to do with my free time in a regular day
(b) I put the time you would like to spent in each activity (it is important reserve time for family, friends, sleep, unexpected, etc)
(c) After adding the times and compare with my free time I started to cut activities to a minimum
(d) I repeated step (c) until I reached a compromise situation. Of course later I discovered that I was still far away from the truth.

4. Tools
5. Going further
6. Caveats

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