Making your mind your playground

quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2008

Let's go again!

It is a new year, and it is time to go back to filling in my Mind Moleskine.

My wish list is:

a. To fulfill my readers' expectations:
- Luciano, I'll keep posting;
- Leandro, I'll post some stories about chess;
- Everton, I'll post some personal stories;
- Teacher, I'll post some articles about Getting Things Done;
- Mauro, I will review and review and review my articles more thoroughly
before publishing them.

b. I will continue posting about quality criteria, effort metrics and mindmaps.
c. I'll strive for simplicity.

Happy New Year to you all!

3 comentários:

Luciano Passuello disse...

Yay! Happy New Year!

Anônimo disse...

Ano Novo, casa nova...
Tudo Novo...
Está chegando a hora... o grande diaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Anônimo disse...
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