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domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2008

BetterMe 2.3

BetterMe 2.3 means that I'm always striving to improve.
The version part (symbolized by the 2.) means that I'm using the techniques constantly and consistently - not that the implementation is already adequate - far from that. The release (.3) means that there is room for improvement and implementing new techniques.
It is not my intention to discuss how I decided which technique to implement and which to discard (unless this interest someone). Now and in the next articles I'll try to exemplify how do I implement this techniques in the hope of improving my understanding of them.

Main techniques:
GTD: David Allen's Getting Things Done.
Mindmaping: Tony Buzan's technique.

Personae - for projects.
100 lists - for creativity.
Memory palace - for memory.



Um comentário:

Luciano Passuello disse...

I would find interesting to know what techniques you decided to discard and why... I am swamped in techniques to try/expand and am always eager to know what's on your mind regarding this subject...